From a married couple in their 30’s: Dr. Wiley, No amount of thanks that we could give you seems sufficient; to say that you’ve saved our relationship would be an immense understatement. Today, we are better partners, better lovers, and better people because of your care, your guidance, your insight, and your wisdom. We have grown to see you not just as a therapist, but as a trusted advisor and confidant, and your presence in our lives makes us eternally grateful. Thanks for gracing our lives with your care.
– Dan and Angela

From a 58-year old woman: Having been raised Catholic and divorcing after 18 years, I went to see Diana about shame issues around sex, and also to figure out if the man I was dating was right for me, given his sexual proclivities. Diana’s warmth immediately put me at ease. She is confident in a relaxed way, knowledgeable and funny. She is a good educator and is not afraid to share personal stories when helpful. As a result of seeing her, I have more clarity about who I am and what I want from a relationship.
– Charlene

From a 28-year old male with performance anxiety before sex: I had come to Dr. Wiley with severe performance anxiety issues for years, leading to an unhappy sex life. Dr. Wiley was a complete professional, listening attentively and finding the root of the problem. She provided several solutions including articles on the issue, exercises to help, and even a video. Within 2 sessions and patience from my partner, the issues have been solved. If you are reading these testimonials, I would highly encourage you to reach out to Dr. Wiley for a consultation.
– Bryce

From a single woman, age 28, experiencing pain with intercourse: I have seen many therapists over the past few years and Dr. Wiley is above and beyond one of the best. Her sensitive, caring approach to treatment made me instantly comfortable and I can proudly say I’ve achieved many life goals because of her work. I grew up in a very conservative home so learning to embrace my sexuality has been a difficult journey.  Working with Dr. Wiley has not only helped in overall sex education but also has helped me realize the value of healthy sexuality. Dr. Wiley has given me such amazing treatment and care that I can’t stop recommending her to all of my friends! My sincerest thanks to you Dr. Wiley for the compassionate care you’ve provided me.
– Julia

From a single woman, age 36, with anorgasmia (lack of orgasm): My first appointment with Dr. Wiley was over a year ago now. I didn’t know what to expect from a sex therapist. I was referred by a pelvic health specialist who determined that my anorgasmia was likely psychologically based, as my hormone test was normal. We meet every three weeks or so and talk about my progress and what I thought of the assigned readings from the previous session. I leave each appointment with several short articles to read as Dr. Wiley practices bibliotherapy. I have enjoyed every session with Dr. Wiley and look forward to seeing her each month. Her office in Belltown is a very warm, comfortable, and private space. Her enthusiasm for her clients progress and successes is obvious. Dr. Wiley is delightful to talk with. She gently leads the conversation and I always leave the sessions feeling listened to, respected, and understood. She is friendly and compassionate and always professional when dealing with very personal and explicit subject matter. I feel very fortunate to have found such a great therapist in Seattle.
– Cindy

From a local Naturopathic Physician: Dr. Wiley and I have worked together professionally for many years. She has extraordinary clinical experience in a wide range of sexuality concerns and has been an outstanding resource for my patients both individually, and for people who benefit being seen as a couple in sex therapy. There is no sexual concern that Dr. Wiley cannot help tackle with sensitivity and useful sharing of knowledge. She is a precious resource in the Seattle community that empowers both personal and relationship goals of achieving a thriving, healthy sexuality.
– Serena McKenzie, ND

From a married couple in their 30’s, with no children: Hi Dr. Diana, Alan and I have greatly improved our sex life. We are still working on date nights once a month and we try to have sex at least two times a week. Thanks for all your help.
– Missy

From a 42-year old divorced woman: Dear Dr. Diana, Every now and then I think of you and how you helped me so much during the most difficult time in my life so far … and I feel so grateful and blessed!
– Mandy

From a 26-year old man with erectile dysfunction: Thank you, Dr. Wiley, for all you have done! You have truly helped change a huge aspect of my life. The problems of having performance anxiety have completely gone away with no issues. Brenda and I have a very healthy and open communication within our sex life thanks to you.
– David

From a 44-year old married man: Both Lauren and I appreciate your help very much and we have had nothing but success since and great fun!  While sex and intimacy is not a typical conversation topic when we are with our friends, it should be!  We know we would like to send some of our friends your way.
— Ted

From a man in his 50’s with inhibited ejaculation: Meeting with Dr. Wiley was a great experience and help in resolving my issues with delayed ejaculation. I met with her first one on one and then later with my wife Jane.  Dr. Wiley listened carefully, asked a lot of questions and was able to help us gain a different perspective on my problem.  She also provided a lot of excellent resource material.  In the end, it was by changing our perspective and taking more time during intimacy that enabled me to understand how to overcome my issues and get us back to a more fulfilling relationship.  Even though a problem like this may be with one partner, it inevitably affects the other as well, so it was great to bring in Jane and make sure we are both supporting each other.
— Roger

From a couple in their early 20’s, with no sexual experience before marriage: Thank you so much for your kindness and support this year. It would have been a much rougher year without you.
— Sheila and Todd

From a couple married 49 years: Today my wife and I are as happy as newlyweds. Five years ago it didn’t look like we were going to make it. Our sex lives and our marriage were in tatters. But thanks to the skillful and compassionate care of Dr. Wiley we are here, happy, cuddling, and enjoying each other like never before. Dr. Wiley understands that good sex starts with a good relationship, and she wasn’t afraid to comfort when needed and to confront destructive behaviors when necessary. We are grateful for the care Dr. Wiley gave us in difficult times.
— Sara and Gary

From a 32 year-old client, a writer, who appreciates my biblio-therapy: The article you gave me made SO much make sense. I want to let you know how immensely helpful your reading materials are. And every time you underline something, it’s always the crucial point.
— Suzi

From a woman married for more than 30 years: My marriage was in crisis when we began to see Dr. Diana eight months ago. Jack and I are now on the path to enjoying a new life together. We have risen from depths of despair to a reawakening of our love for each other. We’d had a bad experience previously with couples’ therapy and I wasn’t even sure I would be able to get Jack to try again. I think he was viewed as “the bad guy” in our previous experience. But with Dr. Diana he commented that he felt that he mattered and that what he had to say was important. Talking with her is the same feeling you get when talking with a wonderful and wise friend. We always feel good when we leave her office. We’ve reached the point now where we don’t need to see her as often, and we miss her!
— Betty

From a young man partnered with a woman for 5 years: Carol and I find you to be an extremely bright and motivating person – an inspiration to both of us! You do amazing work, healing people and promoting a higher knowledge of sexuality.
— Joe

From a young woman partnered with a man for 3 years: I want to thank you for everything you did to help get me where I am today. I am happy and healthy with a great partner who makes me feel incredibly loved. You helped me toward being a whole person to receive this precious gift.
— Nicole

From a couple married for 8 years: Thank you so much for your expertise. We’re now very focused on getting pregnant again and are hoping for successful results.  You’ve been a HUGE help, and  it’s been fun…putting the sparks back in our marriage!
— Ned and Elaine

From a husband married for over 40 years: I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that Jean and I are closer together than ever. Even though it’s been over a year since our last session, we are still very happy because we received exactly the therapy/coaching we needed. Thank you so much for helping us save our marriage!
—  Bob

From a woman after the first session (with her husband):  I just wanted to thank you for today. We left our meeting and went for a dinner date where we continued to share – then back home to start on our hands-on homework. We read the excellent article on intimacy together and stopped to share our thoughts on each point. That alone has really helped us to understand each other so much better. I am feeling heard and I am hearing John for the first time in a long time. You are a Godsend!
— Joan


From Dr. Dudley Danoff, M.D., author of The Ultimate Guide to Male Sexual Health: I keep coming on your show (nine times to date) because you are extremely interesting and provocative. I’ve done hundreds of radio shows and you offer a unique perspective. You express yourself so well and you are a great interviewer!

From a female caller for my radio show on vaginismus: You are a wonderful combination of charismatic, sensitive, and very insightful regarding these topics. Thanks again.

From Panorama, a large retirement community: We would like to express our thanks to you for your presentation. It was frank, informative as well as entertaining. Since this has never been done before, I’m sure it started many people thinking, hopefully experimenting, and communicating on a topic that is taboo for many reasons. The ‘demo’ table of sex toys, etc. elicited a lot of interest and possibly opened for some a way of returning to pleasures they thought were over, especially for us single women.

From the organizer for a Scripps College gathering:  Many got back to me with comments about the “interesting and useful” session with you, appreciating your generous sharing of your wisdom and the useful handouts.

From a group of women involved with an on-line dating start-up: Kevin described you in the style of legends, and you absolutely lived up to it, and beyond expectations!

From Tim Riley, Learning Chair, Entrepreneurs Organization Seattle: Sex Therapist Dr. Diana Wiley’s presentation to EO Seattle got rave reviews. I told her immediately after, “You hit the ball out of the park. Three cheers!” I recommend her presentation to other EO and YPO chapters. Dr. Diana has a sophisticated yet sizzling approach to sexuality!