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Hello. I’m Dr. Diana Wiley, licensed marriage & family therapist and board certified sex therapist practicing in the Seattle area. I help individuals and couples with a variety of concerns about all aspects of sexuality and intimate relationships. I provide talk therapy in a relaxed and comfortable setting, and I draw on my thirty years of experience to make it easy for you to discuss sensitive matters. Please contact me via email at or by phone at 206-448-5359 to schedule an appointment.


Recent Blog Posts

Joan Price, author of “The Ultimate Guide to Sex After 50” — Sept. 19, 2017

Joan Price ( is on a mission to dispel the myth that older people are not interested in sex! In her books, talks, and webinars she suggests how folks can reclaim their sexuality. Joan has written The Ultimate Guide to Sex After 50, Better Than I Expected – Straight Talk about Sex … [Read More...]

Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce, teacher of Conscious Living Sexuality — Aug. 29, 2017

Great sex is not about technique. It’s about integrating your head, heart and spirit with your genitals. Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce ( returned to the program to help sort this out. On September 16th she will be a speaker at Catalystcon ( Her topic: “Sexy Doesn’t Have … [Read More...]

Brad Coates, Esq., author of “Divorce with Decency” — Aug. 15, 2017

Brad Coates ( knows all about marriages and divorce because he’s been a divorce lawyer in Honolulu, Hawaii for forty years. His popular book Divorce with Decency is now in its Fifth Edition. Dr. Diana and Brad, longtime friends, discussed how the Internet, social media, and … [Read More...]