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Hello. I’m Dr. Diana Wiley, licensed marriage & family therapist and board certified sex therapist practicing in the Seattle area. I help individuals and couples with a variety of concerns about all aspects of sexuality and intimate relationships. I provide talk therapy in a relaxed and comfortable setting, and I draw on my thirty years of experience to make it easy for you to discuss sensitive matters. Please contact me via email at or by phone at 206-448-5359 to schedule an appointment.


Recent Blog Posts

Dr. Mark Schoen, Sex Smart Films — Jan. 10, 2017

Dr. Mark Schoen, a sex educator and a filmmaker, returned to the program. His website is the "Netflix of sex education" – and a sex educator’s dream come true! The most viewed videos – of the 430 films on the site – are the Sensate Focus Exercises, the Science of Orgasm, the … [Read More...]

Rebecca Gould, author of “The Multi-Orgasmic Diet” — Dec. 20, 2016

Rebecca Gould author of “The Multi-Orgasmic Diet – Embrace your sexual energy and awaken your senses for a healthier, happier, sexier you” – communicates so well the symbiotic relationship between living a full, rich, pleasure-filled life and a conscious, healthy relationship with food.  See more … [Read More...]

Dr. Mark Schoen, Sex Smart Films — Dec. 13, 2016

Dr. Mark Schoen is a filmmaker and sex educator. His documentary “TRANS” portrays the transgendered dealing with discrimination and rejection. This is one topic in; others include aging, arousal, consent (really big now!), disability, female and male sexuality, gay and lesbian … [Read More...]