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Hello. I’m Dr. Diana Wiley, licensed marriage & family therapist and board certified sex therapist practicing in the Seattle area. I help individuals and couples with a variety of concerns about all aspects of sexuality and intimate relationships. I provide talk therapy in a relaxed and comfortable setting, and I draw on my thirty years of experience to make it easy for you to discuss sensitive matters. Please contact me via email at or by phone at 206-448-5359 to schedule an appointment.


Recent Blog Posts

Marc Gilmartin, Sex Therapist — May 3, 2016

Marc Gilmartin ( has a unique specialization: working with adult men with sexual abuse histories, who may be erotically conflicted. The focus for this show was on porn literacy. We discussed: why call it porn; is it bad or good; is it sex education or entertainment; what does … [Read More...]

Bradley Coates, Esq., author of “Divorce With Decency” — April 26, 2016

Brad Coates, author of “DIVORCE with DECENCY” ( knows a thing or two about romance. He has been a frequent guest on this show and today we focused on what women want…female needs, desires, and behavior in romantic relationships. His book states, “Women want to hear ‘I love … [Read More...]

Carl Frankel, co-author of “Secrets of the Sex Masters” — April 12, 2016

Role play and fantasy are two great ways to get closer to your partner. For one, they involve a certain degree of trust because opening up about a sexual fantasy can be scary. And with role play, you really have to be comfortable with another person to pretend to be someone else. Carl Frankel has a … [Read More...]