Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce, teacher of Conscious Living Sexuality — Aug. 1, 2017

Nancy Sutton Pierce

Hedonism…Yes! Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce (www.drnsp.com) is a sex and relationship author, and international speaker, and a sensuality educator. She knows good sex is intentional, not spontaneous. It’s a practice you can have fun with and get better at, like yoga or meditation. Dr. Nancy is an event coordinator for the Hedonism Resort (www.hedonism.com) – a 36-year-old resort that has the largest percentage of repeat visitors in the world. Every week has a different “personality”: for swingers, for couples doing an intimacy retreat, for singles to learn about rejection, etc. The website will reveal more; however, keep in mind the images there are of models…the average predominant age range is 45-55 years. And some are older. The prevailing themes are authenticity, non-judgmental feelings and acceptance. Often these folks have discovered how refreshing and liberating it is to put aside notions of “normal” sexual behavior, forging their own. Dr. Nancy will return to this program August 29th. We’ll discuss the cruises, Lifestyles take-overs, where she teaches. Dr. Diana and Dr. Nancy will also talk about her presentation coming up at CatalystCon in Los Angeles September 16th on “Sexy Doesn’t Have an Expiration Date.” Tune in!

Click below to listen to the interview (approx. one hour):