Dr. Mark Schoen, Sex Smart Films — Feb. 6, 2018


Dr. Mark Schoen, a sex educator and filmmaker, returned once again to the show. His website www.SexSmartFilms.com is the Netflix of Sex Education! Indeed, this website is a sex educator’s dream come true. It’s particularly relevant to the issue of consent, which is gaining increasing prevalence these days. Many seem to be especially unable to talk about sex when they are having it, or about to have it. Education is the key. Use your words. If people felt less ambivalent about sex, they could use their words more easily and have much better – and fully consensual – sex! The Sex Smart Films site offers some 600 films, including sensate focus exercises, the science of orgasms, the true story of how babies are made, the science of attraction, and “TRANS” (about the transgendered folks dealing with discrimination and rejection). We also discussed his project with Dr. Mitch Tepper – “Love after War.” So much more needs to be done to help military veterans deal with their injuries, especially sexual injuries.

Click below to listen to the interview (approx. one hour):