Dr. Dudley Danoff, author of “Penis Power” — Sept. 16, 2014



Dr. Dudley Danoff, world renowned urologist, founder and President of Cedars-Sinai Tower Urology in Los Angeles, returned to the program to further unzip the secrets of male sexual health and power. His book PENIS POWERThe Ultimate Guide to Male Sexual Healthwww.PenisPowerBook.com – banishes stress from the bedroom and makes sex fun again! Dr. Danoff and Dr. Diana took a long, hard look at the wonderful world of penises. They covered many topics – including sex and the brain; the superpotent man; ED in a younger man; PE and performance anxiety; the “suck job” and why it helps a man with arousal; prostate cancer and interventions post surgery for men still experiencing incontinence and impotence. Many facts of our lives can’t be changed – your penis is what it is…but, it’s never too late to change your sexual story. Take charge of it, using facts to create something you like. Re the latter, get Dr. Danoff’s book!

Click below to listen to the interview (approx. one hour):