David Steinberg, author of “This Thing We Call Sex” — Feb. 27, 2018

This Thing We Call Sex

David Steinberg, author of This Thing We Call Sex, always a fascinating guest, spoke of his new screenplay project about Marco Vassi – a sexual adventurer and visionary. But first, Dr. Diana and David discussed his fine art erotic photographs. He has been involved with the Seattle Erotic Art Festival for fourteen years, arriving at the “Masters” level. This year he has five photos in the show, which runs April 27-19, 2018. David’s photography is entirely different from porn; while explicit, he is interested in the emotional connection between the couple. Back to David’s screenplay: Marco Vassi was intimately involved in NYC’s sex scene in the 70s and 80s, and the Hellfire Club played a role. Please tune-in for an amazing program…An “erotic masterpiece” is in the works!

Click below to listen to the interview (approx. one hour):