Brad Coates, author of “Divorce With Decency” — Dec. 10, 2013

Brad Coates book -- divorce With Decency - CopyBradley Coates, Esq. returned to the program. In his informative, entertaining book “Divorce with Decency” (in its 4th Edition) there are many tips on preserving and improving your marriage or other romantic relationships. Dr. Diana and Brad discussed these – including the importance of communication (especially sex talk), and the biological, brain differences between men and women. With Christmas fast approaching, an adoration list is a great gift! Ask your partner to write down seven non-materials things that would make him/her feel cherished by you, and make a similar list yourself. On another topic, Dr. John Gottman’s extensive research shows that the single biggest factor in marital success is “a husband’s willingness to accept the controlling influence of his wife.” Brad’s father proclaimed, “Happy Wife=Happy Life”!

Click here to listen to the interview (approx. one hour)