Kuba Oms, singer/songwriter “Sex is Good” — April 1, 2014

Kuba Oms

Love, Lust and Laughter” had a special musical intro and outro – “Sex is Good!”  The guest Kuba Oms – www.KubaOms.com – wrote and sang that sexy music, so appropriate for this program which promotes healthy and happy sexuality! Kuba is a fixture in the Canadian music scene, winning the National Songwriting Competition. He and Dr. Diana discussed how his music has evolved: he has always been keen on strong melodies, but now lyric content is just as important. Music can transform an ordinary sexual experience into a mind-blowing one! Before the break his song “My Love” played all the way through. They spoke about music, sex, and laughter – as well as about music therapy. You will want to download Kuba’s inspirational, make-you-want-to dance – (or make love) – music!

Click below to listen to the interview (approx. one hour):